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Services: Urban planning law, Administrative law and Immigration.

The firm gives advices and legal assistance in any issue concerning the Spanish Administration, including judicial and administrative claims, applications, allegations and appealing decisions (denied licences, sanctions, inspections, concessions, expropriations, and others).

We also deal cases where the Administration does not function properly, and because of that you suffer damages that could make the Administration liable.

Count on us to obtain your Visa, residence and working permit, Golden Visa and everything you could need relating to Immigration.

Urban planning law: If you have any issue or sanction derived from any urban planning process with the Administration (including building permission matters) we are always pleased to be at your service. At the same time, we collaborate with professionals to promote the following projects:

  1. Urban land development
    – General Planning (PGOU)
    – Planning execution: Compensation committee, replotting projects, properties normalisation and judiciary complementary operations. Maintenance/ conservation entities.
  2. Expropriations
  3. Urban planning discipline: Restoring the legality protection of urbanistic planning cases, dealing with sanction proceeding and files of ruins.

If you need help or advising, our specialized lawyers in Administrative law, Immigration and Urban planning will be glad to assist you in the following contact telephone number 952 210 011 or filling the contact form.

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