Our firm is specialised in all connected with Banking Law and we have with some of the few professionals in the area with experience and knowledge of financial maths. We revise and analyse any contract of lease, analyse contracts of swaps, foreclosure procedures, bank discounts, credit cards, credit accounts, bank sureties, operations with interest rates or capitalizations of them. At the same time, we take part at any banking procedure, in order to oppose to the execution of mortgages or auction procedures including the liquidation of interests and the value of the taxation. We also deal with the negotiations process to reduce debts or delivery of immovable goods to compensate debts as in cases like dation in payment.

We are at your disposal in order to defend your rights and oppose on your behalf to the enforcement of banks sureties, nullity of “floor clauses”, capitalization of interests, etc.

We will advise you on the purchase of bank’s credits with or without mortgage guarantees, as well as in the subrogation of the extrajudicial creditor’s position or during the pendency of the procedure.

At the same time, we can proceed on your behalf to request any debts, with judicial or extra judicial titles, acknowledgment of debts, repetition actions against surety companies or guarantors, etc. Always defending your rights an interests, specially in cases when a demand is issued against you or your company.

In the case you need help or advice, we recommend you contact with our expert Lawyers in Banking Law and default in the following number: 952 211 011, or completing the contact form.