Roji Lawyers has criminal experts working for the firm, they are able to defend your interests against any criminal proceedings that you are involved. As criminal Lawyers we always try to protect your rights and represent you in Court in an efficient way.

Our services include the legal assistance to the arrested, we could meet you at any judicial or police station that you require. The legal assistance for the arrested is essential to ensure that his rights are respected during the whole criminal proceedings.

In the case a minor has allegedly committed a crime, such as a robbery, theft, physical assaults or violence, etc, we will advise you for your best interest. We can mediate with the one that has denunciated the minor and try to get the best measures for the minor.

The fraud crime is the intention to obtain some benefits with falsehood, inducing another individual by mistake or deceit. Depending of the valuation of the fraud, this crime could be treated as a misdemeanour or a crime with some years of prison sentence.

Sexual offences are those crimes against the sexual integrity of the people and their sexual freedom. These types of crimes usually require a special treatment from an experienced and qualified lawyer. If you require the advice and consulting of a Lawyer, we will meet you with seriousness and confidentiality.

In the firm we also deal with cases derived from car accidents, Medical negligence, Urban planning crimes, Drugs and crimes against the Public Health, economic malfeasance, misappropriation of resources, Bribery and others.

For any request of information, please fill in the contact form or make a phone call to the following number: 952 211 011

We will be pleased to meet you in Málaga, Marbella, Antequera, Torre del Mar, Fuengirola, or any other place that you may need.
We are available 24 hours; in case you have a relative in detention or you have been accused of a delict, you can contact us in the following urgency number: 607 202 361.